5 Of The Most Sublime And Tranquil Detox Travel Destinations In The Wo

So you’ve been working hard towards your goals for some months now. Maybe you have been detoxing with our TeaGuru range? Or have been extra vigilant when it comes to deciding what you put in your body, or making sure you exercise regularly.

Whatever it is, we think it’s important to reward your body, soul, and mind for all your hard work. This doesn’t mean going on a binge and throwing all that hard work away. It means doing something for you, something that is going to enrich your life with even more positivity. 

We were thinking more… detox travel destinations.

When we travel, we immediately feel the benefits of the sun, sand, sleep ins and relaxing settings. Detox resorts are a fantastic option for those people who want to go on holiday to give their body and mind a break from the fast pace of home life.

Sometimes the hardest thing about starting and sticking to a detox is the commitment, and resisting temptations. My top 5 retreats will take away all of those difficulties, whilst leaving you to enjoy the tranquility and culture of a new place.

They are worth more than just a look:

1. Absolute Sanctuary -  Koh Samui Thailand

"Absolute Sanctuary is a stunning, Moroccan-inspired boutique resort that is haven to those seeking a journey back to balance, rejuvenation and a healthy lifestyle. Here, we offer you more than the pleasures of an island paradise enjoyed in the comfort of modern facilities. Our commitment is to provide you with a life-changing experience, the benefits of which will last you a lifetime." 

2. SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain 

" A universe of sensations where body and soul find their balance. A source of life where hospitality and excellence are definite values. At SHA Wellness Clinic everything has been thought of right down to the tiniest detail, even before the first stone was laid; it’s located in a superb environment, where peace is in the air, with the excellent climate and outstanding views that are guaranteed to impress each and every one of our guests."

3. COMO Shambhala Estate, Bali  


"COMO Shambhala Estate is located near Ubud, Bali—a true ‘Retreat for Change’ with resident experts including a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic doctor and residence dietician. The holistic, 360-degree approach offers signature massage therapies and beauty treatments. A state-of-the-art  gym and outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing make the most of the Estate’s unique location. Cuisine is always nutritionally balanced while the residences, suites and villas suit independent guests, couples or families."

4. Shanti Maurice Detox, Maurittius 

"One of the best beaches in Mauritius, the most elegant and extensive collection of private Villas, the warmest of welcomes and an array of pursuits providing opportunities to do everything or absolutely nothing. All accompanied by sincere service that comes straight from the heart."

5. Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort, Cyprus


"The Spa was first formally opened in 1649 by two brothers, Cosmas and Damianos. Their generosity in offering treatment often without thought of reward gave rise to the name Anargyri – without silver. They became known and loved locally for their selfless acts and affectionately known as saints."



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