12 Legit Ways To Stop A Hangover.

What hangover cures pop in to your throbbing noggin after a heavy night out on the town? Forget the full English, it will only make you feel worse.  Getting rid of a hangover really comes down to understanding how the body reacts to alcohol in the first place.  Follow these 12 tips and we promise  that you'll be feeling as good as new again in no time!

1. Refuel at the breakfast table.

Alcohol will lead to a drop in blood sugar, so give your body a boost with a big glass of fruit juice in the morning. 

2. Go one for one.

Continuously drink water throughout the night to avoid a pounding headache in the morning. Tissues around the brain are mostly made of water, and dehydration will shrink these tissues, creating pressure in the head. 

3. Chow down.

Before you start drinking try and eat a good meal with lots of healthy carbs before hitting the hard stuff. 

4. Keep it light.

Darker drinks like red wine contain more congeners, which contribute to causing hangovers. Swap the red for white, and whiskey for vodka. :)

5. Stay classy.

The cheaper liquors contain more congeners - that as we just learned cause ruthless hangovers. So pass on the cheap stuff and take it up a notch with some top-shelf booze. 

6. Take a multivitamin.

Pop a multivitamin as soon as you wake up to replenish what your body lost from a night of drinking. 

7. Skip the bubbles.

Research suggests that bubbles in carbonated beverages may cause the alcohol to be absorbed more quickly, hence the banging New Years' Day headache. 

 8. Practice Yoga

Get the oxygen and blood flowing around the body to help relieve stress. Namaste! 

9. Grab some potassium.

Grab a banana, potassium will make you feel brand new. 

10. Scramble eggs.

Eggs contain taurine, which has been proved to reverse liver damage cause by heavy nights of drinking. Scramble them up with some veg for that antioxidant boost!

11. Sip TeaGuru.

Sometimes hangovers burden you with an upset stomach, so try TeaGuru which include  100% organic ginger extract ginger to settle things back down again. 

12. Get some fresh air.

Oxygen helps break toxins down, so what are you waiting for? Get outdoors!


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