How to Instantly Build Confidence, Regardless Of Past Experience.

Confidence. What is it?

It’s not the woman who focuses on building six-pack abs and big biceps, or the one who attends seduction classes, or follows word-for-word chat up lines when approaching people she wants to attract.

It’s the woman who is sure of herself, the woman who is true to who she is (and is excited by it)! It’s the woman who knows who she is, and understands what is important.

It’s the woman who doesn’t necessarily change to please other people, but rather stays true to herself as she levels up. We are all works in progress, none of us are perfect, but we need that fundamental self-respect to enable us to grow.

We must realise that we are worthy as partners, friends, co-workers, and people.

So while you level up, use the tactics in this article to enhance yourself, and present yourself in the best possible manner to the real world.

Confidence can be developed, so don’t worry if you’re not there yet.

Decide what your goal is, do you want to be: 

The quiet confident one who commands respect?

The boisterous person that walks in the room and instantly everybody wants to become best friends with?

The lovable goofball that doesn’t take herself too seriously?

Whatever it is, once you know what it is you want, it gives you something to work towards.

Stand up straight, get big, move confidently! 

Did you know that sitting a certain way for just a few minutes before a date or interview can greatly boost your chances of success in the encounter?

It’s crazy that even though we have a voice, the silent communicator is the most affective one. By simply changing your posture you can physically possess more confidence in minutes. Not only do you “appear” more confident, you feel more confident, YOU have the potential to liberate yourself depending on how you are sitting or standing. 

 Take pride in your appearance 

In addition to how we stand and walk, how we dress can drastically influence our levels of confidence as well.

Not only does it make you feel good stepping out the door knowing you look good, how people treat you will also give you a further boost.

Two things happen when you wear clothes that present you in the best possible light:

1) You treat yourself differently, and become more confident in the right clothing.

2) You will be treated differently by people. By putting on the right kind (or properly fitting clothing), we can change how we view ourselves.

When you look after yourself, or maybe just put in that little bit of extra effort you trick your brain in to changing how you react to certain situations, or adjust how much confidence you have.

We have all experienced rejection at some point of our lives, as humans it’s natural for us to think “how dare that person not respect me for me, regardless of my appearance.” But the truth is no one will ever get to know the real you.

People can only go off what they see, and they process what they think of you in a matter of seconds.

It all boils down to you being you, and dressing in a way that accentuates that. Dress the part for the type of confidence you WANT.

Make a great first impression

Social interactions are a huge challenge for many people, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Even the most confident looking person can fall apart as soon as they encounter another human.

Here are the two most important tips that will make you appear more confident and can help you in every situation:

  • Smile, people respond to the emotions you project. If you look happy, fun, and professional, then they are going to want to be fun, happy, and professional too. The best way to trick your brain in to this mode is to start with a smile. Science proves that smiling can make you happier, and change how you think and feel about yourself.


  • Eye contact, this is a little more tricky if you are not used to it, but once you mastered it you won’t ever look back (literally). It can be challenging because people who don’t normally do it find it incredibly awkward. If you look at the floor a lot it screams that you are insecure. As you’re developing confidence really focus on maintaining eye contact with people, and you will see how it can affect how you are treated.

Fake it until you become it

So if you try out any of the advice I have given you today it may feel a little strange at first. It’s okay if it feels weird or it’s not how you would normally act – you’re acting. Like a scientist testing a hypothesis, you’re merely trying things out.

I want you to try the following TODAY:

1) Wear clothes today that you feel DAMN good in, that fit your body type.

2) Before you head out, strike what I call  a power pose for 2 minutes. (Try putting your hand on your hip, or pulling back your shoulders and standing tall).

3) When you walk, do so tall and proudly.

4) The next stranger you see, work on maintaining eye contact while smiling.



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