5 Ways To Stay Healthy While Eating Out.

It is so easy to deviate from your get fit regime if you’re like me and you love eating out.

Knowing how or what to order off the menu can drastically contribute to your success in staying healthy.

Don’t let a split second decision ruin months of hard work.

It is so much easier to control what ingredients end up on your plate from the comfort of your bat cave. But once you head out for dinner it’s a totally different ball game.

If you tend to eat out a lot for whatever reason, whether you live in the city, or just don’t like cooking, making a few changes to how you order off the menu can be key to keeping you on track.

In the words of Teddy Roosevelt:

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”


1. Choose Wisely. 

If your friends or partner have bestowed the honour on you to choose where you are going to eat, choose wisely. Not choosing wisely can set you up for failure.

Steakhouse: Although it's not the obvious healthy choice, steakhouses are a great opportunity to eat a high quality piece of protein, and pair it with some amazing vegetables for a great dinner. 

Seafood: If you’re a seafood fan, then it’s quite easy to find a healthy option when it comes to eating things that live in the water.

Mexican: People think Mexican food is unhealthy, when in actual fact they have some great healthy options. A salad bowl covered in salsa, guacamole, chicken, and sauteed veggies? Yes please!

“American” food: Okay, maybe not the best choice, but there will always be healthy options, stay strong! 

2. Scout the menu first!

 If possible, scout the menu out online first. Pre-select your option so you don't have to test your will power at the table. Don't even look at the menu! 

3. Enlist the help of your server. 

 Don't be afraid to ask them to modify your order to suit you, 99% of restaurants will give you whatever you want if you ask for it. Their goal is to make you happy. 

4. Ditch the starch! 

Instead of going for a starchy starter, stick to veg. If you don't want a starch free meal see if they can swap normal potatoes for sweet potatoes. 


5. Ditch dessert. 

Although its okay to treat yourself every now and then, skipping dessert drastically lowers your calorie intake. I choose to eat foods that help me level up, rather than stuffing my face in chocolate. Although, If i'm feeling really daring, I use the calories I missed out on to order myself a cheeky adult beverage or two. 


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