Why Women Are Going Commando At The Gym

Have you ever been in the gym and wondered where the hell is that girls knicker line? No — just me then?

According to a new study done by Cottonelle 8 percent of women said they “always” go commando, and 25 percent admit to doing it “sometimes”. Surprised?

I spoke to a gym commando convert and she said “[going commando] is not something you talk about. The first time [I went commando], I went on a short run and felt so free. It sounds really corny, but I was like, this is a game changer!”

“Having panty lines exposed—especially a thong—is the worst,” she said. “I actually felt more exposed wearing underwear than without.”

Whether you’re intrigued, or you ditched the undies ages ago, there are a few things to know to keep your commando style healthy.

1. Wash Your Panties After Every Workout

I know it might sound obvious, but it is important to keep everything clean especially near your ladies bits.

 2. Stop What You’re Doing If It Starts To Hurt Down There

Chafing can happen at anytime, especially during a spinning class or whilst you’re running. The friction can cause damage to your skin making you more susceptible to infection.

3. Wear The Right Thing

There are companies that specialise in apparel designed to be worn without underwear. Shorts are always a good idea because they are light and airy.

Saying goodbye to your undies at the gym may be more common than you think. Try not to think of that during your next yoga class when you’re staring at the women in front of you.

As long as your panties are thick enough to protect you from bacteria and save you from putting anything explicit on display you are good to go.

And of course, shower, change, and wash your workout bottoms after your workout is complete.

Remember, stay wise keep healthy. Try out our TeaGuru, it's selling FAST. 


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