7 Super Easy Ways To Make Someone's Day

On my commute to work it's scary how many people bury their face in their phone. We are so easily caught up with the virtual world, we spend hours scrolling through a constant stream of soulless information.

Technology Can Distort Our Sense Of Reality. 

Hundreds of social followers, likes, and hearts cannot replace the genuine compassion and intimacy that we experience when we connect with real human beings. 

The never ending flawless photographs and happy statuses can leave us feeling isolated and depressed especially on a bad day. 

Stop Being So Involved With Your Phone. 

Commit yourself to interacting and connecting with other people.

Interpersonal connections have been linked to improved self-esteem, greater pain tolerance, a stronger immune system, and a lower risk of depression and early death. 

So This Week, You're Going To Make Someone's Day EVERYDAY And Here's How:

What are you waiting for? 

Get off your phone and stop reading this, start interacting! Invite someone over for cup of TeaGuru, be healthy and catch up. Win-win! 


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