The Do's And Don'ts If You're A Newbie To Running

Running season is full on underway,  so if you're ready to get stuck in then brush up on your homework here to avoid any unexpected fails or injuries. These tips are great and will get you off on the right foot so you can be on your way.

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DO Dress Comfortably 

This is essential! Avoid stiff and heavy clothes, dress suitably in something that moves with your body. We suggest investing in some 'proper' gear, it's totally worth it in the long run, even if it does mean spending some money. If you look good, you feel good, and you will want to go running more often. It's all in the psychology, trust us. 

DON'T Run Fast Pace Or Ridiculously Long Distances Right Away

If your body isn't used to it this could be a catastrophe.  You should not force it too much or else it will become unenjoyable pretty quickly (I learnt the hard way). It's about strength and endurance the best thing you can do is start off small and work on improving it each day. 


DO Run The Trails With Your Dog

It is good for your soul and overall happiness to get out in the nature. It's good for both of you and will make you both happier. The challenging terrain of trails will add extra difficulty to your route,  just make sure you wear safe footwear. 

DON'T Forget About Other Workouts

If you're running you will obviously get better at running. But it is important that you don't forget about other workouts that can help you strengthen and sculpt the muscles that you need whilst running. For example check out my No Squat Workout For Butts And Thighs.

DO Make A Powerful Playlist

Powerful playlists are the secret to success, there is nothing better than going for a run to your favourite tunes. This way running is less like exercise and more like therapy


DON'T Run Heel To Toe

Or you could run the risk of looking like this. You've all seen the episode of Friends where Phoebe and Rachel go running, right? Of course you have, not only does it look strange it can contribute to long term back and knee problems.  

Out top tip: A few hours before setting off on your run take an Acai Berry Capsule to kick start your metabolism for the best and most effective results. 


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