Retraining Your Brain: How To Break Out Of A Rut

Did you know a third of us are dissatisfied with our lives? That's millions of people all over the world -- It's insane!

The internet is crammed with motivational quotes (more than ever thanks to the likes of Instagram and Flickr).

Clever phrasing and catchy wordplay is great when we are scrolling, and yeah sure, maybe one or two of them might actually stick with us a while.  But when it comes to creating a lasting impact or substantial change, as humans, we need tangible ideas to  escape the confines of our rut.

Swap The Soaps For Mel Robbins: How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over (20 mins)

Key Points: 

  • The moment you feel stuck it's not a signal that you are broken, it's a signal that one of your most basic needs is not being met.
  • Your soul needs growth and the only way you will get it is too force yourself to be uncomfortable. It's a SIMPLE idea but NOT EASY to do. Force yourself.
  • Stop caring about how you feel and start caring about what you want. 

Begin by cleansing your mind, body, and soul and take the first steps. Sit down with a mug of our TeaGuru and decide what is it you actually want in life.

How We Think, And How To Think Better - Alison Ledgerwood (10 mins)

Key Points:

  • Certain ways of thinking make negative issues stick in our head longer.
  • You have to work to see the upside. Write about things you're grateful for.  Focus on positives.
  • We CAN  retrain our minds if we put some effort in to it. 


Hopefully, this has helped you to get your ideas in perspective.

First focus on what it is you want, if you want to lose 3 stone, to tone up, or just to live a healthy lifestyle.

Once you've done this our products and advice will guide you through. We have diet plans that can help you to keep on top of your food, and supplements such as our Hollywood Diet Drops to help you to achieve your goals quicker. Remember, #KeepFitStayWise. Follow us on Instagram for exclusive deals and offers @nutrientwiseuk.


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