Why Doing Less Can Actually Be Better For You

Society has become addicted to a culture that I like to call "more more more". Since I can remember, I was always encouraged to do more if I wanted to get ahead in life, and this was reinforced by the phrase "you only get out what you put in".  So I went to university, I ran further, and I worked longer hours. It was exhausting.

For a short while I thrived off my busy lifestyle, I was proud of how busy I was, although it was stressful. It was only until I began working smarter, rather than harder that I realised doing less was actually working out better for me.

It may sound counter-intuitive, and you're probably thinking how the hell do you get everything done by doing less?

Well, here at Nutrient Wise we have the answer: we tighten up our workouts, our productivity, and our lives.  Below we've broken it down for you just to show you how easy it really can be. 

Less Is More - Workouts

My advice is to focus on strength training, a strong individual is a healthy individual. Did you know that instead of spending 90 minutes doing "leg day", you can achieve the same or even better results by doing two muscle sculpting exercises?

In fact doing too many different exercises on the same muscle group can lead to overtraining and injury. Check out my 5-Minute Flat Belly Ab Workout, for the best results use our T5 Super Strength capsules which are proven to burn fat, not muscle, thus result in increased muscle tone and definition.


Less Is More - Life:

If you haven't realised already, life on this earth is a complete blessing. 

If you find yourself constantly stressed out with never enough time on your hands, it is definitely time you slowed down. Break things down in to bite size chunks, pick the things that are most important to you and focus on them. 

If you have reached a overwhelmingly stressed place in your life, here is where I would suggest you start: 

  • Look after yourself: Get enough exercise and sleep, and don't forget to feed your body with nutritious delights. Our Nutri Drops can also help you to keep on top of things if you struggle keeping track of what you're putting in your body.
  • Take care of your relationships: Don't neglect people you care about. 
  • Kick ass at work: (I’ll get to this in due course).
  • Enjoy yourself: Listen to music, read a book, watch your favourite film, do whatever, just make time for yourself and do things that make you happy.

 If you manage to do these things everyday you're off to a great start. If people try to overload you with stuff don't be afraid of saying no. 


Less Is More - Work:

Revolutionise your work productivity by following these 2 simple steps to success. 

  • Prioritise your workload - get the things done you said you would get done, and be realistic. 
  • Stop multitasking - it causes you to waste excess brain power. Focus on one thing at a time put all your energy in to one task, and get the job done quicker. Stop trying to do everything at once and DO LESS. Trust me, you'll get more done. 

Why not swap your average cuppa PG Tips for our amazing Teatox Tea Guru  and see how the benefits of having a cleansed mind, body, and soul, can be reflected in your work. 


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