Just So You Know, It's OKAY To Snack.

When I took my first steps to getting fit, I thought doing my research online would get me off on the right foot. I would spend hours of my life religiously reading article after article. But the truth is, none of them really struck a chord with me, at the time I just kind of ran with it because I thought, well, if it's on the internet and other people have tried it then it must work. It's only over the past year I realise how generic, unaccommodating, and even destructive these posts were.

One of the articles I can recall seeing numerous times across different networks was about snacking, and how we should cut it out all together. Well, I tried this approach, and guess what, it wasn't fun or pretty. It affected my mood, I felt tired and sluggish, and in turn this had an extremely negative effect on my overall motivation to get fit, it just seemed impossible at the time. I actually fell off the bandwagon for a while because I simply gave up. I'm a real woman with a busy life and starving myself between meal times did not work for me. 

When I found the courage to believe in myself again, I did things my way and I found comfort in positivity. I realised that my success depended on my outlook, and to keep my outlook positive I had to keep my brain and stomach happy.

My happiness meant that I looked forward to exercising (whether it was a 3 minute workout or a full on circuit training session), I didn't have to feel guilty about my afternoon snacks because they were nutritious (and delicious, may I add), but most importantly I took pride in what I was doing.

So now I have set out on a mission to change the way people read health blogs. Getting fit should be enjoyable, not tortuous! I've said this before but one size does not fit all. If like me, you need snacks to keep you going through the day, then go ahead snack! I was sat in work the other day and I saw one of my friends snacking on a Rivita bar, and I thought to myself, why? Hardly the most exciting choice, especially when there are SO many healthy and delicious options to try. So have some fun with your food. 

Here are my favourite snack ideas that I have put together for you, and best of all they are all 100 calories or less. I hope you enjoy.

1. If You're A Sweet-Tooth...

2. If You Prefer Savoury Treats...

3. Or If You're Like Me, And You Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds...


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