5 Simple Ways To Kickstart Your Metabolism & Help Shed Those Extra Pou

Let Nutrient Wise help you to become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.  With the warmer months upon us there can be a lot of pressure to look and feel good. Unfortunately, the reality of this is not so simple.  Our busy lives can often leave us feeling exhausted with little time to exercise.

So how would you feel if we told you that there were easier ways to boost your bodies ability to burn calories quicker? We have comprised a few simple tricks and tips that actually have the ability to give your metabolism a gentle nudge.  We all have that one friend we secretly envy because she can sit at her desk all day, doing zero exercise, eat EVERYTHING, and never gain a pound. Stop blaming your “unlucky” genetics, which certainly come in to play, but don’t exclusively determine whether you’re stuck with a slow metabolism for life and try out some of our suggestions.

1. Make A Morning Ritual 

When we sleep our metabolic rate slows right down. We can't say it enough, it is vital that you eat a substantial breakfast to rev up your engines and bring them back to life. For ideas on what to eat check out our healthy breakfast ideas, and we'll have you running like a Ferrari in no time. Then wash it down with a nourishing cup of hot water and lemon, trust me, this does wonders for your digestive system.  

2. Cut The Trans Fats

This one may seem obvious, but put that Krispy Kreme down! Trans fats physically bind themselves to fat and liver cells which slows our metabolism right down. Consuming trans fats can also lead to insulin resistance and inflammation, which can both wreck havoc on our metabolic rate.  

3. Fill Up On Metabolism Superfoods

PINEAPPLE -  Simply because this delicious fruit takes a significant amount of energy to burn, whilst providing you with essential nutrients at the same time. 

CITRUS FRUITS - Such as oranges and grapefruit are also amazing, due to their vitamin C content which helps metabolize fat faster.

CHILLIES -  Great for raising our metabolism, so make sure you aren’t just feeling the burn in the gym, but add them to your meals too!

OMEGA 3's - Fantastic because they balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation, which in turn helps to regulate metabolism. Besides the obvious oily fish option, flaxseed oil, walnuts and winter squashes are good sources of Omega-3.



4. Power Up With Protein

Besides the obvious choice of meat, nutrient dense quinoa, lentils and eggs are all great high-protein options. We love lentils thrown into chillies and curries to provide a yummy dose of protein.


5. Cleanse Your Body 

Here at Nutrient Wise we love a good cleanse. A great detox can leave you feeling superhuman! Not only is it a great way to give your system a re-boot and rid your body of toxins, it also has added benefits such as brighter skin, more energy and reduces bloating. Try our Teaguru to help normalise digestion and give your metabolism that extra nudge.


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